7 Hobbies You Can Make Money From

Gone are the days when one had to engage in a 9 to 5 job to earn a living, with the influence of social media and start-up culture, anyone can carve out a niche for themselves if one understands their own skills and has the ability to cash in on them.

One of the most striking features of modern businesses is the essentiality of having a media presence, especially if your business has something to do with creative arts. It helps to be easily accessible in a popular social media handle which showcases all your works and the testimonials of your client.

As easy as it is to start a business, it is essential to stick to a code of ethics while engaging in a business, always provide the best of products to your client and your most honest work. Be receptive and mind deadlines regarding your assignments. Have an open communication channel with your clients. Failure in abiding by these ethics could lead you to losing your clientele to the abundance of other entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the most common hobbies that one can turn into money-earning avenues

Social media influencer

Youtuber, Blogger, Reviewer, Instagram Influencer

These are some of the few ways one can establish a social media following and become an influencer. You could make videos on any genre of your choice like comedy or a cooking show, any piano teacher, pen down your thoughts, review different products or even movies and shows or become an influencer in any field on Instagram. Social media influencer is all about showcasing your expertise or prowess in any field so as to be able to influence people. Moreover, starting off is pretty easy too. i.e – You can get a top notch digital piano under your budget easily.

Generally most of the money earned through the means of advertisement revenues, hence you should be able to produce quality content consistently.

Culinary Artist

Baking, Chocolate Making, Catering

If culinary skills are what you excel at, there are many avenues for you. Baked goods are very much in demand and you could start an online business right from your home by creating a social media presence for your business or you can go with the traditional brick and mortar store. Chocolate making is another lucrative business. A catering business is something which people will require year-round no matter the circumstances and hence is another area with immense potential.

Gardening/ Farming

Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs

If you have green fingers and have enough produce in your garden that you have a surplus, instead of letting it go to waste, selling it to people can be quite profitable, especially if you engage in organic farming. Fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs are much in demand. Having a social media presence, by giving updates regarding your customers regarding the availability and price of the product can help your business thrive.


Event Photographer, Photoshoot

If you excel at photography and have a good quality professional camera, you can use your artistic skills for various events. These days, people are very particular about preserving the happy moments of their life in pictures and clips, ensuring a steady flow of business your way. Again having a social media presence which showcases your work and client testimonies can give an immense boost to your clientele.

Event Manager

Wedding, Engagement, Traditional Ceremonies, Birthday, Office Parties

As mentioned before, people are very particular about making the happiest moments of their life memorable and so many people prefer to give over the reigns of event management to professional event managers, this ensures everything is taken care of and the hosts can enjoy the events themselves. If you have a knack for organising and managing things, event management is your way to go.


The advent of the taxi- startups have enabled many youths to earn money while they are in college or are looking for a job. Having a driving license, a good character and sufficient driving skills are all you would need to sign up to be a driver. You could also benefit from the daily interactions with the commuters and have experiences and interactions which can be life-changing.

Art & Craft

Cardmaking, Origami, Knitting, Jewellery Making, Dream Catcher making, T-shirt making, Painting, Drawing, Portrait Making, Sculpting,

If you are good at arts and crafts, you can easily sell your creations online or showcase them at exhibitions. Trendy and relatable products are very much in demand. You could also make custom-made products according to your clientele’s demands.…