• We have to carry all the heavy things in everyday life, and for that, we need to hold the bag.
  • If you are a student, then you want a bag to carry books and a laptop.
  • If you are working in an office, you need a bag to move documents, files, etc.
  • If you are travelling, then you need a bag to keep things of daily requirements.
  • So basically, the bag is necessary for day to day life.

American Tourister

American Tourister is the best luggage weighing scale brand and one of India’s largest brands, which offer a wide range of business bags, casual bags, luggage bags, etc. American tourist products have a high-quality product and way stylish design. This backpack is light in weight and voluminous; it has multiple compartments and a separate rain cover compartment to make it comfortable for college, office, school, or travel.

Each rain cover has adjustable elastic for a secure fit around a backpack. The backpack is made up of durable polyester fabric and provides an internal organizer for a phone charger, stationery, headphones, etc. It also comes with a front compartment to put our essentials like power bank, wallet, etc. A breathable system of the shoulder strap provides decent back support.


Wildcraft is an Indian founded company. Wildcraft’s casual bags come with a very stylish layout. The bag is made up of nylon and contains multiple compartments with zippers, top loop, and two adjustable padded shoulder straps to provide back support.

The bag contains big compartments to keep our essentials. It has a capacity of 44 litres. The back panel of this bag has padded layering to provide back support. This backpack offers an internal compartment, but it also comes with external pockets for keeping water bottles, etc.


Safari industries are travel good and luggage manufacture.

This backpack is expandable up to 5 cm. Made up of PVC fabric, it has an elegant or unique design. The Cross packing strap inside is to help you pack well. It provides a 17” inch laptop-compatible section and also a tablet section.

It comes with a capacity of 45 litres and has a load stabilizer on the shoulder strap. The backstrap of this backpack has padded layering to provide back support. It’s a perfect backpack for an official trip of 2-3 days.


Nike is an American multinational company. Nike’s backpack is a perfect mixture of style and utility. Made up of polyester, and it is durable. This backpack is very comfortable for college/offices. This bag contains 3 Compartments for storage, one compartment is large and provided with additional padding to safely store your laptop. The front compartment of this backpack has chains to keep the things handy.

The shoulder strap of this backpack has padded layering to provide back comfort. The shoulder strap helps to distribute the weight equally. This backpack comes with water-resistant fabric.


Tommy backpacks are best known for iconic American style and quality.

This backpack has a polyester finish. It comes with a comfortable handle on the top for easy to carry it around. The backstrap of the bag is padded and water-resistant material, which provides strength to the product.

It is a Breathable cushioned bag that relieves the heavy burden and comes with a unique design, which gives it a smart look.

Two compartments on the backpack help us to keep all your daily essentials. It has a capacity of 24.29 litres. It gives a 15 inches laptop compatibility section.


This backpack is made up of nylon, has a capacity of 26 litres.

It has three compartments with one front pocket, and both sides have bottle packets, and it also has a 17″ laptop compatible section.

The inner side of the compartment contains a key holder, and it comes with rain cover protection.

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