Actual things to do in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a city located in western Western Pennsylvania and is also known as the city of steel with its manufacturing history, in Pittsburgh, there are many spots to visit and many cool things to do, including yes, watching your favorite baseball game and football game, Pittsburgh has a lot to offer and a lot to explore and we will tell you some of our picks for you to go and check them out,

Eat the famous food

When it comes to Pittsburgh and food you can not be bored by the food Pittsburgh has a lot of amazing food restaurants offering great varieties of food,

Eat pierogi: one of the most popular dishes in Pittsburgh are Pierogi usually served on executives restaurants, festivals, and by street vendors too, and if you have not eaten Pierogi at S&D Polish Deli located at the strip district then you haven’t eaten it at all, they serve you with hand made fresh Pierogi tossed and cooked in butter filled with potato and cheese once you eat that there’s an explosion of flavors inside your mouth, so if you are near the strip district go and get your pierogi from S&D Polish Deli.

Primanti Brothers: one of the famous Restaurants in the whole Pittsburg is the Primanti brothers famous for their sandwiches, they been open since 1930’s and will give you the best and I mean it when I say the best sandwiches ever and is also located on the strip district so after you had that amazing pierogi it’s time for great sandwich, they give you a massive sandwich with side fries and the sandwich also have fries, tomato, pastrami, corn beef, swiss cheese, they also give some salami or turkey and then they will add coleslaw before putting the fresh Italian bread on the top, I know mouth watering right yes it is.

Eat the Pittsburgh salad: Pittsburgh people love to eat the salad and stay healthy, just the salad at Pittsburgh is not like other people salad, we especially put some fries and shredded cheese with lots of Lecttue and some onions tomato or cucumber you can eat the Pittsburgh salad in any restaurant without any difficulty, order a whole bowl of salad and you good for your lunch.

Chipped ham: let’s go to the meal of chipped ham that will put you and most of the people in awe, as the meat mixed with barbeque sauce and mixed with many ingredients to make this amazing chipped ham, so when you in Pittsburgh make sure to go and eat the chipped ham

Places to visit

Point state park: it’s located in the tip of downtown Pittsburgh, and it’s the biggest park in Pittsburgh around 36 acre, this is filled with history this park in back times of Indian and French war worked as a 2 forts and you can still see the outline of the fort when you walk in the walking of point state park, and there’s more the surviving structure and the only surviving structure of one fort is still there and it’s one of the oldest landmark in the whole Pittsburg.

”Mount Washington”: one of the best spots to have a super view of Pittsburgh and also the can’t miss spot of Pittsburgh is Mount Washington it’s full of tourists and many restaurants are there to have taste to the amazing food while enjoying the great view from the above, there’s an incline up ride that you have to pay that’s it after that you are at Mount Washington just wait for the perfect night time and when it’s night you will be glad that you came there when the whole city is shiny and bright with its light you will enjoy every second of being there.

Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium: the zoo is located at 7370 Baker street at Pittsburgh, it covers a land area of 77 Acres and an amazing destination for seeing the animals other exhibits and aquariums, if you come with your family and want to take them into someplace nice you might want to be here the zoo offers over 4000 animals, 475 types of species including 20 species that was born to kill and that are dangerous to humans.

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