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Learn what you aren’t taught

Educational institutions like schools and colleges give us a lot of essential knowledge, but not all of it. The internet is often used for entertainment purposes but you can learn pretty much everything on the web. For example, we don’t get taught about taxes unless we choose to take up business studies right? For starters, make yourself familiar with all the financial aspects. Investments, interest, how credit and debit cards work, insurance and loans are important concepts to get acquainted with.

Learn to live independently

In most developed countries, teenage are made to move out of their parents house when they are 16. On the other hand, in developing countries, especially India, there is no such concept. In fact, the son stays with his parents his entire life. Although this is not a bad thing, living independently is an important step towards knowing yourself. One must be put through the process of living alone. It will involve taking care of oneself, learning how to cook and clean, managing expenses and dealing with roommates.

Health is important

Most bad habits developed in the late teens years will be extremely difficult to get rid of. It is easy to get influenced by your peers to just ‘Try it one time’. Smoking, drinking and other gateway drugs are increasingly common among todays youth. At this age, organs like the lungs, liver and heart are still young and vulnerable to damage. Maintaining a healthy body at this age will prevent common diseases experienced when you grow older.

College is important

A commonly misleading statement used my millennials is that Bill Gates dropped out of college and became one of the richest people in the world. The fact is that he dropped out of Harward, not just any college, so he was smart enough to figure it out on his own. Look, if you cannot afford a college tuition and do not want to take a loan, specialising in a certain job specific stream is a good idea to land a job. Nothing beats the experinece of making it through college. You learn important life lessons and are able to make a definite career choice after you obtain your degree. And a college degree earns you prestige and respect.

Do not waste time

This is not about being productive. This is about not wasting time. The youth is blessed with a lot of time in their hands. Use it well. Got some free time? Instead of lazing around, participate in an activity. Whether it is a hobby, an assignment or a sport, keep yourself in motion.

Save up!

The earlier to manage to start saving up, the easier it is to manage your expenses. Learn to save around 10 to 15% of your money, even if you’re doing a part time job. And if you’re relying on your parents for money, use it even more judiciously. Your savings will help you immensely during an emergency situation. Situations like relocation or hospital charges can be handled with relative ease.

Do not trust easily

This is a lesson often learned the hard way. Trust can be immensely satisfying as well as hopelessly depressing. It is a brave step to trust a person and believe in them. But putting that trust in the wrong hands can be frustrating. Know whom to trust and more importantly, when to trust.

Avoid being self conscious

Self consciousness is directly linked to insecurity. It shouldn’t matter what people who you do not know and or care about think about you. Be it your appearance, the way you talk or what you talk about. You should not change or get influenced by the thought of trying to seem cool or trying to fit in. You will be amazed at how great it feels when you’re confident about yourself.

9.Choose your friends wisely

My dad once told me, “Never judge your friends on the basis of how much they can drink”. Wiser words have never been spoken. This is not a swing at drinkers. What I’m trying to say is, the basis of choosing your friends should be trust, loyalty and companionship. You might want to hang out with the ‘cool kids’. The kids you call cool might not be there for you when you’re down or when you need help. Real friends back you up during your best and your worst.

Learn to draw the line

I cannot stress this enough. One should realise when it is too much. For any activity, there is always a point past which it is unhealthy to continue on. This includes working out in the gym, flirting with a stranger, consuming alcohol, pretty much everything really. Do not overdo it.

The parent is not your enemy

Most teens are as rebellious as Gandhi during India’s fight for freedom, but not as non violent. Clips of teenagers raging at their parents is a common sight on social media. One must realise that if your parents are hard on you, it is for your own good. I’m not saying that your parents are always correct and should make your life decisions for you. They just want to see you prosper. It’s always a better idea to sit down and have a mature conversation.

Be nice

In this fast paced world that runs on rules and money, people often forget that we are human. Humans love affection in all of its forms. Do not hesitate to appreciate. Learn to forgive. Spread joy and happiness wherever you go. If you do good, good will happen to you, it is just karma. Smiles are contagious, greet your fellow humans with a smile and you will get one in return.

13.Love can wait

It does not necessarily have to, but love can wait. Think you’ve found the love of your life? That’s great news! But you’re only 20 years old, you have a lot more to see, lot more to grow. Focus on yourself and your dream. Do not let your partner hinder your growth in any way. This is not you being selfish, it is a simple reality check. The word love is often overused now and ironically, it is rare.

Learn a new language

Knowledge of a new language is a great skill to acquire. It is a fresh experience really. Not only does it stand out in your resume, it teaches you a lot. You could learn a lot about a country by just learning the native language. Bonus points if you travel to a country and speak its language.

Love yourself

The first step of loving yourself is accepting yourself for who you are. Acknowledge your character traits, both good and bad. Accept your flaws and learn to bring about sustainable change within yourself. Cherish and exploit your good qualities to stay optimistic and confident. Do not get influenced easily and do not change. Be you.…


7 Hobbies You Can Make Money From

Gone are the days when one had to engage in a 9 to 5 job to earn a living, with the influence of social media and start-up culture, anyone can carve out a niche for themselves if one understands their own skills and has the ability to cash in on them.

One of the most striking features of modern businesses is the essentiality of having a media presence, especially if your business has something to do with creative arts. It helps to be easily accessible in a popular social media handle which showcases all your works and the testimonials of your client.

As easy as it is to start a business, it is essential to stick to a code of ethics while engaging in a business, always provide the best of products to your client and your most honest work. Be receptive and mind deadlines regarding your assignments. Have an open communication channel with your clients. Failure in abiding by these ethics could lead you to losing your clientele to the abundance of other entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the most common hobbies that one can turn into money-earning avenues

Social media influencer

Youtuber, Blogger, Reviewer, Instagram Influencer

These are some of the few ways one can establish a social media following and become an influencer. You could make videos on any genre of your choice like comedy or a cooking show, any piano teacher, pen down your thoughts, review different products or even movies and shows or become an influencer in any field on Instagram. Social media influencer is all about showcasing your expertise or prowess in any field so as to be able to influence people. Moreover, starting off is pretty easy too. i.e – You can get a top notch digital piano under your budget easily.

Generally most of the money earned through the means of advertisement revenues, hence you should be able to produce quality content consistently.

Culinary Artist

Baking, Chocolate Making, Catering

If culinary skills are what you excel at, there are many avenues for you. Baked goods are very much in demand and you could start an online business right from your home by creating a social media presence for your business or you can go with the traditional brick and mortar store. Chocolate making is another lucrative business. A catering business is something which people will require year-round no matter the circumstances and hence is another area with immense potential.

Gardening/ Farming

Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs

If you have green fingers and have enough produce in your garden that you have a surplus, instead of letting it go to waste, selling it to people can be quite profitable, especially if you engage in organic farming. Fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs are much in demand. Having a social media presence, by giving updates regarding your customers regarding the availability and price of the product can help your business thrive.


Event Photographer, Photoshoot

If you excel at photography and have a good quality professional camera, you can use your artistic skills for various events. These days, people are very particular about preserving the happy moments of their life in pictures and clips, ensuring a steady flow of business your way. Again having a social media presence which showcases your work and client testimonies can give an immense boost to your clientele.

Event Manager

Wedding, Engagement, Traditional Ceremonies, Birthday, Office Parties

As mentioned before, people are very particular about making the happiest moments of their life memorable and so many people prefer to give over the reigns of event management to professional event managers, this ensures everything is taken care of and the hosts can enjoy the events themselves. If you have a knack for organising and managing things, event management is your way to go.


The advent of the taxi- startups have enabled many youths to earn money while they are in college or are looking for a job. Having a driving license, a good character and sufficient driving skills are all you would need to sign up to be a driver. You could also benefit from the daily interactions with the commuters and have experiences and interactions which can be life-changing.

Art & Craft

Cardmaking, Origami, Knitting, Jewellery Making, Dream Catcher making, T-shirt making, Painting, Drawing, Portrait Making, Sculpting,

If you are good at arts and crafts, you can easily sell your creations online or showcase them at exhibitions. Trendy and relatable products are very much in demand. You could also make custom-made products according to your clientele’s demands.…


How To Get Rid Of Book Clutter

For all the bibliophiles out there, their collection of books or their mini library has to be their most prized possession but with the ever-increasing book collection, you just might be due for some decluttering.

It’s important to be objective with the decluttering process and make judgment-calls wherever needed. A book you might not need may well be life-changing for another person. Further, keep in mind the space that is readily available to you to store your books and then decide on whether or not you can keep a book.

Depending upon the size of your collection, divide the decluttering process into small portions. You can either a chunk of decluttering every day or during your weekends.

For those of you who have dust, allergies are advised to get the assistance of someone to do the cleaning up or use a good quality mask to cover your nose and mouth during the cleaning process.

Step 1

Lay out your books, whether from a shelf or boxes. Dust of all of them and make sure no important papers are stashed inside of them.

You may across some books which you might have borrowed, make a separate pile of them to be returned to their owners.

Make sure the shelf or boxes you are keeping your books in are dusted off well too, check for any pest infestation or termites and cobwebs.

Step 2

Organizing the books according to different categories can make accessing them easier and help keep your library organised. Brainstorm some broad categories which can encompass your books.

Example: Fiction, Non-fiction, Academic

You can decide upon any category in which you have an abundance of books.

You may want to create a category which includes books you are yet to read, this category can absorb any new books you buy too. Once read, these books can be sorted into their respective categories.

Step 3

Sort all your books according to the categories you have decided. Make a different pile for each category.

Step 4

Once you have sorted all the books, go through each category one by one, check for books you do not require, be objective while making the decision, books you do not require just hog up space and deprive future additions of space, make a different pile for the books you don’t need which you can donate to someone in need.

Step 5

Using sticky notes or hand made label you can make your categorisation clearer. You can stick the labels on your shelf and place each pile of a category with the corresponding label. This will aid you in tracking and finding a certain book

Arrange the books so that the spine of the book is visible, so you can find and take out books with convenience and the arrangement is not cluttered again.

Another way to up the organisation level is to arrange the books in alphabetical order in each category. Go through each category individually and do the same. You can alphabetize either the author’s name or the title of the book.

Step 6

Now that you have arranged your collection meticulously, whenever you buy new books next, make sure to add it to one of the categories you have chosen for your personal library.

Even after your first round of decluttering if you still have too many books to fit in your limited space, you need to go through the process again. While parting with these precious possessions can be painful, you can consider options such as acquiring a digital copy of the book or getting membership of your local libraries to still have access to the books whenever you feel like reading it again.


Cataloguing is an interesting tool to help you keep track of your books, what it means is you keep a dedicated notebook or even a data-sheet in your computer solely for the purpose of keeping a track of your books. There are even some interesting mobile applications to do the same. Cataloguing essentially is preparing a list of the books you have, either organised alphabetically or according to different categories with a column mentioning the status of the book which could either be in your possession or borrowed by a friend.


S.No Name of Book Author Genre/Category Status
1 The God of Small Things Arundathi Roy Fiction In Possession
2 The Room on the Roof Ruskin Bond Fiction Lent to Max
Actual Things

Actual things to do in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a city located in western Western Pennsylvania and is also known as the city of steel with its manufacturing history, in Pittsburgh, there are many spots to visit and many cool things to do, including yes, watching your favorite baseball game and football game, Pittsburgh has a lot to offer and a lot to explore and we will tell you some of our picks for you to go and check them out,

Eat the famous food

When it comes to Pittsburgh and food you can not be bored by the food Pittsburgh has a lot of amazing food restaurants offering great varieties of food,

Eat pierogi: one of the most popular dishes in Pittsburgh are Pierogi usually served on executives restaurants, festivals, and by street vendors too, and if you have not eaten Pierogi at S&D Polish Deli located at the strip district then you haven’t eaten it at all, they serve you with hand made fresh Pierogi tossed and cooked in butter filled with potato and cheese once you eat that there’s an explosion of flavors inside your mouth, so if you are near the strip district go and get your pierogi from S&D Polish Deli.

Primanti Brothers: one of the famous Restaurants in the whole Pittsburg is the Primanti brothers famous for their sandwiches, they been open since 1930’s and will give you the best and I mean it when I say the best sandwiches ever and is also located on the strip district so after you had that amazing pierogi it’s time for great sandwich, they give you a massive sandwich with side fries and the sandwich also have fries, tomato, pastrami, corn beef, swiss cheese, they also give some salami or turkey and then they will add coleslaw before putting the fresh Italian bread on the top, I know mouth watering right yes it is.

Eat the Pittsburgh salad: Pittsburgh people love to eat the salad and stay healthy, just the salad at Pittsburgh is not like other people salad, we especially put some fries and shredded cheese with lots of Lecttue and some onions tomato or cucumber you can eat the Pittsburgh salad in any restaurant without any difficulty, order a whole bowl of salad and you good for your lunch.

Chipped ham: let’s go to the meal of chipped ham that will put you and most of the people in awe, as the meat mixed with barbeque sauce and mixed with many ingredients to make this amazing chipped ham, so when you in Pittsburgh make sure to go and eat the chipped ham

Places to visit

Point state park: it’s located in the tip of downtown Pittsburgh, and it’s the biggest park in Pittsburgh around 36 acre, this is filled with history this park in back times of Indian and French war worked as a 2 forts and you can still see the outline of the fort when you walk in the walking of point state park, and there’s more the surviving structure and the only surviving structure of one fort is still there and it’s one of the oldest landmark in the whole Pittsburg.

”Mount Washington”: one of the best spots to have a super view of Pittsburgh and also the can’t miss spot of Pittsburgh is Mount Washington it’s full of tourists and many restaurants are there to have taste to the amazing food while enjoying the great view from the above, there’s an incline up ride that you have to pay that’s it after that you are at Mount Washington just wait for the perfect night time and when it’s night you will be glad that you came there when the whole city is shiny and bright with its light you will enjoy every second of being there.

Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium: the zoo is located at 7370 Baker street at Pittsburgh, it covers a land area of 77 Acres and an amazing destination for seeing the animals other exhibits and aquariums, if you come with your family and want to take them into someplace nice you might want to be here the zoo offers over 4000 animals, 475 types of species including 20 species that was born to kill and that are dangerous to humans.…


10 things to pack in your travel backpack

If you love travelling and always on a trip somewhere , whether it’s for work or just for a hobby you need to be careful of what to choose and Take with you on your trip you don’t want to choose anything that will be wasted and only taking the space in your backpack so make sure to choose wisely what to take.

The choices of yours can be made on where are you heading and what’s the place temperature is like and for how many days are you going to stay at that place, so it will depend on you in the end but we will let you have the slightest idea of 10 things that you should bring when going for a trip.


when you travelling to somewhere you need to make sure you get the right amount of clothes with the right balance you don’t want to take too many jeans and just 2 shirts, so make sure to get in pairs for other option if you are going to Travel for a week or 2 you should get 3 to 4 T-shirts 2 jeans with 2 to 3 pairs of socks and a belt and 3 pair of underwear, if you are a girl, you might want to get the same amount of clothing too, make sure the clothes you pack are not too bulky and if you need bulky clothes make sure that cloth you go wearing it and put your less bulky clothes in the backpack.


make sure you get your charger packed as you will need it every day and is one of the most important things that you will need, get every type of charger you need as it won’t take much space and can come in the side pocket or front pocket of your backpack.


while travelling you might want to wear your shoes that you are comfortable with walking around and looks good and take one pair of slippers or sandals whichever you prefer as you won’t need too many shoes with you one pair is enough while you are travelling.

Towel: take a clean Washed nice towel with you when you are travelling for your use take more than one towel as you won’t need it that much just one will be enough, and if you stay at a hotel they already will have a towel there so no need to carry more than once.

Sunglasses and cap

if you are travelling to a place where it’s summertime and super hot make sure to take a cap with you to get some shade and take your favourite sunglasses with you again you can just wear them when you are travelling you don’t need to pack them in your backpack.

Get a shower caddy

in which you can put the stuff like shower gel, body wash, hand sanitizer, sun cream, toothpaste, etc. It is just a plastic bag that won’t take much space when you pack it so don’t worry about taking it with you.


It’s an optional thing weather you can carry the laptop with you or not but when going for work purposes if you are travelling for business, you will need your laptop for sure, while I usually for entertainment option I take 2 books with me I’m a fan of reading and wherever I go I take them with me on my trip so I won’t get bored at all.


make sure to get your passport and all other documents when you are packing for travelling if you can get a wallet bag that is little bigger than a wallet and can hold all your document that will be a great option for you and always take some passport size photos with you if ever you need to get a visa on arrival there you will need it.

Water bottle

when travelling to places make sure to keep a water bottle with you and I would recommend a nice filtered water bottle that will get you pure water as if you are travelling to a village location or in mountain and you get thirsty you can easily filter the water with it. There are many kind of water bottle available. I prefer smart water bottle which comes with tons of latest features.

Rain jacket or a foldable Umbrella: when you travel to any place there’s no guarantee when it can start raining and when the weather will start to change because it’s nature, we have no control over it so makes sure to carry a rain jacket or a foldable umbrella just in case you need them I would really recommend the jacket as its better and will keep you safe and they comes in various features with caps and they are long in length so they also save your legs till the knees and they also comes with inside pockets to keep your phone and other electronic items save.…